Hugo Short Story Category Wrap-up

All the five finalists in the short story category have now been reviewed, and here they are. Frankly, the reading project has been quite disappointing so far.

  1. “Totaled” by Kary English 5/10
  2. “A Single Samurai” by Steven Diamond  3/10
  3. “On A Spiritual Plain” by Lou Antonelli 2.5/10
  4. “Turncoat” by Steve Rzasa 2/10
  5. “The Parliament of Beasts and Birds” by John C. Wright 0/10

“Totaled” is the best short story on the ballot hands down, and I wouldn’t be too sad to see it win. However, I won’t be voting for it as my first choice. The top spot will go to No Award, because there were so much better stories out there that the slates kept off the ballot. Honestly, I can’t vote for any of these.

To mock-quote somebody: This is how I am voting in the best short story category. Of course, I merely offer this information regarding my individual ballot for no particular reason at all.

What does your ballot look like?


One thought on “Hugo Short Story Category Wrap-up

  1. Jonathan K. Stephens

    Yup, my ballot is identical, the only difference is that I’m slotting No Award after Totaled. I’m sort of squishy on Kary English. Yes it’s a Puppy nominee but after reading it through a couple of times, I’ve come to the reluctant conclusion it is Hugo-worthy.



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