“The Parliament of Beasts and Birds” by John C. Wright

I’m breaking my earlier promise not to do separate posts about works by John C. Wright, but I feel I had to get this one out of my system now and have the first Hugo category wrapped up.

Category: Short story
Published in: The Book of Feasts and Seasons, a John C. Wright collection of stories that take their inspiration from different holidays
Slates: Rabid Puppies

This review is three sentences and one image long:

It’s a religious animal fable with not much else happening than animals (and angels) discussing. Instead of a story, what we get is a piece of heavy-handed Christian message fiction, which I’m not a fan of. The Cat has few funny lines, though, and she was my favorite character.

Score: 0/10


6 thoughts on ““The Parliament of Beasts and Birds” by John C. Wright

  1. eleming

    Sad and Rabid Puppies and many of their nominees inhabit Bizarro World.

    I am greatly enjoying your blog which I don’t think I would have found except for the Puppies, so they have been a force for incidental good.

    I may even use Happy Kittens for the name of my slate next year of science fiction award worthy stuff that makes me happy and kicks ass and if any disagree claws you to small pieces 😉


    1. spacefaringkitten Post author

      Hahaha! In addition to the Happy Kittens slate by moderate social justice warriors, there must also be an Overjoyed Kittens slate by aggressive hardliner feminazis, I think.


  2. Doctor Science

    I can’t remember who, but a commenter on File770 thought the story was pretty good — because it was “obviously” horror, you see. I think they were sincere, too: they found the story emotionally gripping, as horror, so assumed that was the intended effect.


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