SF Kittens?

spacefaringcat1Spacefaring kittens. Extradimensional kittens. Kittens with goggles.

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I suspect the furball has no solutions, merely complaints. If we actually do get back to the moon before the middle of the century, spacefaringkitten is the kind of sad-sack who will find an excuse to whine about it.
–Brad R. Torgersen, author of Chaplain’s War

I’ve read your work elsewhere “kitten” and I have to tell you, my cat’s *fecal material* is more inclined to rational self-examination and reasoned discussion than you are.
— Bibliotheca Servare, a Mad Genius Club blog reader

The simple fact that you cannot understand Captain America says it all.
–Lord Darque, a Spacefaring, Extradimendional Happy Kittens blog reader