Hugogeddon 2015 Debriefing

WordPress is generous with all kinds of interesting figures, and I guess there’s something interesting there to look at now that the Hugo voting has ended and everybody is in waiting mode.

I started blogging here when I began looking for things to nominate for the Hugos five months ago. During this Hugo season, the WordPress stats tell me, I’ve written 52 blog posts that have been viewed a little over 18,000 times. I have no idea how good or measly figure that is for a project like this, but I’m of course grateful for every reader and visitor.

In addition, I guess there were plenty of people who only read the bits that were quoted in File770 Puppygate roundups. In his web fanzine, Mike Glyer followed the Hugo mess and quoted extensively from all sides of the discussion. Many of my posts were featured there, and it seems that I even got my own tag on File770 (how great is that). According to the WP stats, File 770 is the place which sent most traffic in my blog, and as a matter of fact, the ten next largest traffic sources combined generated less traffic than Mike Glyer alone. In case you happen to read this, Mike, my hat’s eternally off.

This being the internet, the most read posts seem to be those in which I was being snarky and judgmental. The more enthusiastic ramblings didn’t draw people’s attention the same way which is something one would expect, I guess. In contrast, one thing I wasn’t expecting was that the most clicked links were those leading to Jeffro Johnson’s blog. Who would have thought?

One consequence of being occasionally snarky and judgmental is that some people get angry with you. This is what author Brad R. Torgersen, the Chief Sad Puppyteer of this year’s Hugo mess, opined about me:

I suspect the furball has no solutions, merely complaints. If we actually do get back to the moon before the middle of the century, spacefaringkitten is the kind of sad-sack who will find an excuse to whine about it.

It sounds so cool that I had to integrate it into the blog’s subtitle.

Another disgruntled customer was writer R.K. Modena who — I realized only yesterday — was asking around in Twitter if anybody involved with #GamerGate would recognize my writing style and tell her who I was. What she would have done with the information, I have no idea. Sent me a head of a horse, perhaps?


4 thoughts on “Hugogeddon 2015 Debriefing

  1. airboy

    I’m glad you read the Hugo Nominees and voted according to your tastes. I don’t agree with them (mostly), but so what? This is a fan award. If a broader pool of fans read the nominees and vote – it is a better fan award.

    I find it amusing that many make the Sad & Rabid Puppies as identical. MonsterHunterNation urged people to read the nominees and vote what they liked. You read the nominees and voted what you liked.

    So perhaps you will take this as a positive comment – unless your goal is to find whatever spite is thrown your way as an affirmation of your worldview.


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