Evils Under Dr. Who’s Bed & Wrapping Up the Dramatic Presentation: Short Form Category

Category: Dramatic Presentation / Short Form
Slates: None

The Dr. Who episode “Listen” is a third finalist that I rather like in this category. Well, there’s always a Dr. Who episode that people rather like in this category, if you check the history.

Doctor and Clara time travel between Clara’s messed up date, the end of the universe (where a future descendant of the guy she is dating has stranded) and various locations where there is something frightening hiding under the bed.

It’s a lovely mixture of a TV show for all ages and horror elements that are enough to frighten a fair deal of adults that I know (and to whom I’d like to show this episode to see if it works). Peter Capaldi’s grumpy Scottish Doctor is more to my liking than Matt Smith’s, David Tennant’s and Christopher Eccleston’s takes on the character. Especially Smith and Tennant who have doctored the show for the last ten years were so nice guys that it’s easy to get something interesting and different going on when you focus on the edge that the current Doctor brings to the show.

As a series of one-shots, it’s quite impossible to honestly compare Dr. Who with Orphan Black and Game of Thrones that are a huge, sprawling tales lasting season after season. I liked them all more or less equally, but now that I have to make a decision about the final vote, let’s say Dr. Who takes the second place after Orphan Black.

Score: 8/10

There, that’s a wrap-up of the category:

  1. Orphan Black: “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried” 8/10
  2. Dr. Who: “Listen” 8/10
  3. Game of Thrones: “The Mountain and the Viper” 8/10
  4. Grimm: “Once We Were Gods” 6/10
  5. The Flash: “Pilot” 5/10

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