Tired Superhero Shtick — The Flash

Category: Dramatic Presentation / Short Form
Slates: Rabid Puppies & Sad Puppies

Judging by the pilot episode, there’s pretty much nothing noteworthy about The Flash. The TV adaptation of the DC superhero is uninspiring and manages to cram so many tired clichés in the 45 minutes that it’s a feat in and of itself. There were no characters or plot points that I’m interested in enough to watch the second episode.

For some reason, it’s supposedly a well-received and popular series but I really can’t see the charm. For me, it’s the weakest finalist in this category.

Score: 5/10.


6 thoughts on “Tired Superhero Shtick — The Flash

  1. Beth in MA

    Hi! I think The Flash appeals most to people who already like the character. A big part of my enjoyment is Jesse L. Martin, who I loved in RENT and SMASH. I do see your point about the cliches, but that was part of the fun for me.

    I enjoy reading your writeups, and hope you don’t mind my popping in!


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  4. Rick Moen

    Concur with your assessment.

    I caught this series midway through its first season, and noted that they appeared to be going for an upbeat, optimistic, and innocent tone befitting the Silver Age comic origins — but that the plot lines and dialogue were characterised by vast deserts of blandness. I didn’t catch the (nominated) pilot episode until The CW re-aired it about a month ago, and, man: bland city.

    Oddly enough, episode #2, ‘Fastest Man Alive’, turned out IMO to be startlingly better than the pilot: The characters suddenly had emotional depth, their motivations made sense, and the dialogue came alive. Which makes it all the stranger that the Puppies didn’t at least pick the best of the lot rather than just the first of them.

    Rick Moen



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