Kitten/Puppy Dialogues (on America)

I got another angry response from another Puppy supporter — or I believe he is a Puppy supporter, because he writes about “your side” which is “losing”. Couple of points made me smile wryly, so I share the whole thing here.

Originally, this is a response to my rather unenthusiastic review of the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier by somebody called Lord Darque.

Feel free not to allow this to actually show on your blog. I would hate to disrupt your safe space as this is just intended for you.

Oh, I don’t really mind people attacking me and my arguments when they have something interesting to say and/or when they do it nicely.

But holy fuck are you annoying. Its funny when you first appeared on Brad’s blog I thought that maybe you had a couple of IQ points. I thought even though you were firmly on the other side of the fence you were maybe someone who could be reasoned with.

You try very hard to miss the part about being nice here, but let’s go on. Maybe you should reconsider your stance that people who disagree with you politically or aesthetically do so because they are less intelligent, though.

But I get it now. You are just filled with hate. Did some man treat you badly? Some scum convince you that all men must be put down for the good of all? I am sorry about that. But he was one guy not all men.

Well, here we have some hasty conclusions, I have to say. In my opinion, Captain America is a boring, one-dimensional (well, I did claim he is zero-dimensional, but I’m not sure if that’s possible) character. Therefore, you seem to think, I also want all men put down. There’s a logical leap I don’t quite follow. I also don’t think you should do too hasty conclusions about what my gender is, because you know nothing about it.

But let’s dissect your statement a bit further.

What I’m actually disliking here is a Hugo finalist that was not on either of the two Puppy slates you’re probably promoting. In fact, I believe Captain America: The Winter Soldier was plugged by some actual, outspoken feminists, such as the smart and wonderful Book Smugglers Ana and Thea. For the record, I don’t think they are in league with the imperialist patriarchy there. Rather, they and I have a somewhat different taste as far as superhero movies are concerned.

I have every reason to believe that the Puppy-supported Hugo finalists Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy and Interstellar will all be better, even though I haven’t seen the first two of them yet. What I know of them so far seems promising. A Puppy supporter criticizing me for this seems odd.

Are you sure you aren’t an undercover Kitten on some shady false flag operation? I mean, putting all men down? What is that I don’t even.

The simple fact that you cannot understand Captain America says it all. He stands for everything the USA was founded on. All those quaint ideals that people have lost sight of. The things people like you claim to stand for but really don’t.

He stands for the idea that everyone deserves to be respected. He sacrificed his chance at the life everyone takes for granted in order to make sure the way of life the USA represents would continue.

In my history books, the idea USA was founded on was not having to pay taxes for the British. Captain America, on the other hand, was a patriotic superhero developed during World War II in order to tap into the wartime zeitgeist. It was Timely’s (Marvel’s predecessor) most popular character during the war, so I guess they did a pretty good job with it.

But it’s always interesting to think what superheroes do stand for. At the end of the day, they are people who take the law into their own hands, operating outside all political and democratic control. I have a hard time seeing them as embodiments of any high ideals, really. I mean, haven’t you read Watchmen? One can certainly make the argument that there are some fascistic undertones inherent in the superhero genre if you really want to draw the Nazi card out of your sleeve.

Let me tell you about the future. Your side has lost and will continue to do so. You should root for the Nazis because you have a lot in common with them.

I’ve made my own predictions about how this culture war is going to end — as a matter of fact, I believe it has ended already. I suggest we just go ahead and vote on the Hugos according to our own personal judgement so that we can get finished with it. Afterwards, we can hopefully drop the talk about different sides and the culture war rhetoric and go back to being enthusiastic fans who are fanatic about the things we like.


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