On Time

During the last week or so, I’ve been busy at work and haven’t had the time to read much of what has been written about the Rabid Hugo Hullabaloo and its latest round concerning Tor and neo-nazis. Come to think of it, maybe it’s a good thing. Time is a non-renewable resource, after all. I almost wish I would have been forced to take this small step back a little earlier.

I dislike the Rabid Puppies very much and I think that 150% of what Theodore Beale writes is crap. I dislike the (smaller and less influential) Sad Puppies contingent almost as much and my crap detector is beeping somewhere on the 90%-100% zone whenever Larry Correia or Brad R. Torgersen showcase their ideas.

Agenda-setting-wise, they have been very successful, though. Most of the fans who are critical of Sad Puppies (lets call them Happy Kittens for short) have been diverted to waste their precious time and energy on refuting what badly thought out garbage some Rabid or Sad Puppy managed to spit out. Most likely the garbage in question was highly illogical and the Happy Kitten in question had little trouble with demonstrating that.

But the fact is, Happy Kitten energies were wasted on fighting a culture war on a battleground selected by the opposing side when they could instead have been reading, writing, buying, enjoying and celebrating some first rate SFF. The Puppies are opposed to SFF that is diverse or deals with gender or political issues or is technically ambitious. I think there’s a lot that Happy Kittens can do for that sort of SFF, apart from engaging in a debate where nobody is really going to change their views.

I think that what Beale and his minions want is people paying attention to their incoherent screeds. And, well, here I am doing just that.

Damn you, Puppies. You are so good.

2 thoughts on “On Time

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