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This year’s slate-hijacked Hugo ballot asks all voters a number of intriguing questions. Such as: Do you want to award a fan writer whose highlights for the last year (selected by herself) include an irratated defence of a Breitbart article on GamerGate — in which Milo Yiannopoulos spreads some quite blatant lies about female game developers and opines that women just shouldn’t mind when they receive death and rape threats or when their home addresses are leaked online? Amanda S. Green’s reasoning is that because she is able to mention three videogames that feature playable female characters (Mass Effect, Skyrim and Borderlands), there is, in fact, no sexism in the gaming industry.

Second question: How about her post that argues against breaking the canon — is it worthy of a Hugo? She makes a vague case against David Mack’s tie-in novel Star Trek Vanguard: Harbinger, even though she fails to explicitly mention the book she’s criticizing. Some bigoted readers were having a hard time with Mack’s novel because apparently there’s some homosexual romance (The horror! The horror!), and Green is ready to speak up for people who don’t feel that having a Klingon-Vulcan affair is kosher. “Now gather around children and listen closely,” she begins and delivers a lengthy rant about how the author he refuses to name has broken the canon and it’s terrible. Too bad she seems to have been mistaken about most of the things she writes about the novel. David Mack has written an in-depth point-by-point takedown of Green’s post and it is rather enjoyable, even though I don’t really care about the Star Trek franchise. It’s quite obvious she didn’t trouble herself with reading the book in question at all before coming to the conclusion that it’s social justice bullshit.

Third question: Is Green going to be saved by the multi-target post in which she attacks the all-female Nebulas, the disinviting of Archon Fan Guest of Honor Tim Bolgeo because of some racist jokes in his fanzine (that’s on the Hugo ballot this year, by the way) and some bad con arrangements that self-published/indie authors had to suffer somewhere? To say something poisitive in this post, there were a couple of marginally interesting points in the last bit, actually, but then she goes back to slamming SJWs and GHHers (what’s a GHHer?) in the end.

Fourth question: Does stating the fact that it may not be a good idea to change your story’s genre in the middle of a book series — that’s what the last post is about — help her regain some sympathies that were lost with the previous posts?

Here is my set of answers:

  1. No.
  2. No.
  3. No.
  4. No.

Score: 1/10


7 thoughts on “Amanda S. Green Question Time

  1. Scott

    GHH= “Glittery Hoo-Hah”, which I too only recently found out. Which did make more sense than “Google Honey-pot Hack”, which is what Google initially returned for me.


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  3. Alice

    Hahaha that’s brilliant! There she is complaining about people subverting the nomination and voting process to get books they want to win on the ballot and through the winner’s gates, and here she is supporting the puppies.

    Either she’s right they shouldn’t have messed with the Nebulas, and the Puppies are wrong too. Or she’s wrong and that was fine, and the Puppies are fine.

    Of course the same goes for the anti-Puppies – either they should condemn the Nebula rigging or they should embrace the Hugo-rigging.

    Of course everyone on both sides are obstreperous ‘it’s ok when I do it for [reasons]’ culture war pursuing idiots so I don’t expect an acknowledgement from either side that they need to be consistent and not support it when your side does it and condemn it when the others do it.


  4. David K. M. Klaus

    I co-founded Archon and gave it its name back in 1977, but haven’t been involved with it, even as an attendee, in almost thirty years. I don’t know Tim Bolgeo at all, never met him, never received his zine.

    I exchanged a large amount of argument last year, though in the Archon Facebook group (now abandoned) and the “Like” page which replaced it, because I was really, really upset that someone could be disinvited, publicly shamed, because of a hate-campaign begun by one person with his nose out of joint. Mr. Bolgeo admitted he included ethnic stereotype jokes sent by readers — but numerous people wrote in his defense of how he had been personally generous with his time and money for both fannish and non-fannish needs when his friends were having troubles regardless of their backgrounds, that nobody had ever seen him exhibit racist behavior or make a racist curse in their presence.

    I pointed out to the committee that if there was a serious concern about ethnic jokes in his fanzine, this could be a teachable moment, that programming could be created about ethnic stereotyping in science fiction (look at modern Star Trek, which has all Klingons warriors, all Ferengi shady businesspeople, etc.), how richer story backgrounds could be created, about the rise in minority writers to which the SPs are such a negative reaction, but all this opportunity was lost in favor of extraordinarily bad manners to an invited Fan Guest of Honor. It made an Archon “Honor” worthless because it could be revoked at the of the pretense of mob action.

    I grew up in an era in which my Sicilian grandfather was publicly subjected to “wop” and “dago” jokes, in which my German grandparents on the other side were publicly subjected to “kraut” and “heine” jokes, in which my German-ancestry dad told Irish and gay jokes, but beginning with my generation that stopped. I didn’t do it, my wife didn’t do it, and we’ve taught our now-adult sons to not do it.

    This could have been handled in a so much better, braver fashion….


    1. spacefaringkitten Post author

      Thanks for the comment, David. I know very little about the details of the whole incident but I think you make a better case against the disinvitation than Ms. Green does in her post.


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