Sad Puppies, Happy Kittens

I created this blog to be able to write about science fiction and fantasy. I’m planning to use it as a reading log for the purposes of nominating and voting works for the Hugo awards that are given out every year in Worldcon. Previously, I have stuck to just voting, but now I feel that there are ongoing discussions I want to take part in.

Lately, you see, discussion about the Hugo awards has involved a lot of baby animals.

Spacefaring, Extradimensional (and especially) Happy Kittens is an obvious reference to the Sad Puppies campaign Brad R. Torgersen, Larry Correia and a bunch of other conservative-minded science fiction authors have been pushing forward. Their stated goal is to end for good the era of feminist and diversity-crazed left-wing Hugo winners by way of a coordinated voting tactics.

I don’t personally believe in either their diagnosis or their cure, and I think some of their anti-feminist and anti-diversity rhetoric is a bit troubling. It’s not going away, though, so we need different voices in the discussion. Maybe we can all learn something when differing opinions are put on the table.

I hope we have fun!

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